I had the privilege of working with Nick as both a professional performer and as a visiting music teacher in charge of Brass in the School. Nick is an inspirational teacher, a stunning musician and brilliant trombonist and I can't wait to work with him again.'
Duncan Emerson,
Director of Music, Bryanston
I admire you Nick. You role model. In all honesty, I have never come across an instrumental teacher like you. You break the mould of typical IMS teachers! What you have is a sense of duty and commitment to the children; to their learning, to music and to Brass. 
Take heed from the parents and children who’s hearts and minds you have changed through being there day in day out, challenging them, pushing them and getting them to not only perform professionally but also entertain.
For a ‘mature’ educationalist, you have never lost that passion for music education. I respect and admire that. 
Darren Gale
Principal, Al Yasmina School
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Nick introduced my son to trombone when he was eight years old and has been teaching him for the past five years. He is an extremely talented musician and a devoted and committed teacher. He is very dedicated to the art of music and thanks to him my son has improved so much. Mr. Hudson has so much patience and thoroughly enjoys teaching. He works so hard to bring musical talent to everyone and under his teaching my son has excelled.
Kiran Mayi
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Nick has taught all three of my children for over 5 years from beginners to grade 5 , trumpet and french horn. He is a truly wonderful teacher who not only motivates different personalities but also makes each child feel as though they can achieve far more than they believe they ever could. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.
Claire Pocock
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mr. Hudson has been tutoring my son trombone for over three years, and I'm extremely pleased with his dedication and commitment to his craft.  I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is also  very skilled in motivating and encouraging his pupils to perform at their utmost best.  Recently we've been having lessons via Skype and they have been simply amazing! I am able to listen in on the sessions and at the end we can have a quick chat in which I'm kept abreast of my child's progress. I  have no reservations in recommending Mr. Hudson as an absolutely fantastic Brass tutor! 
Prof. Kenesha Wilson
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mr. Hudson has been an amazing teacher for our daughter. She started learning trumpet in Year 2 and is now in Year 8, preparing for her grade 4 trumpet exam. During these years Nick has been extremely professional and dedicated. He tailors his teaching approach to the individual child in terms of his or her personality, interests, and abilities. Nick inspires his students with his knowledge and love for music and above all his lessons are a lot of fun! He's extremely organised and gives timely feedback with next steps, which keeps the students engaged and working towards their goals while enjoying playing music. Nick is truly skilled at what he does. He encompasses that which all instrument teachers should have: expertise, patience, enthusiasm, kindness, and dedication. It has been a joy and a privilege to have Mr Hudson be a part of our daughter's musical education and highly recommend him to those who wish to learn playing the trumpet.'
Zeb Hamdani
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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