I am extremely proud to be associated with Michael Rath trombones. I have played Mick's trombones for many years now and can state that they are amongst the finest trombones currently being manufactured. 

I play his R4F, made around 2007, and am more than happy with it; it's responsive, it projects without effort, it has strong overtones, it is impeccably built​ and has served me extremely well for the last nine years, both in my solo playing and in chamber work. 

Michael Rath trombones offer a quite unique purchase experience. If you are interested in updating your trombone Michael and his associates will happily spend personal time with you in the factory in West Yorkshire listening to you play, advising and suggesting various options to build a custom instrument around your needs and requirements. Having experienced this service first hand it proved absolutely invaluable.

I have been fortunate to have performed on many instruments over my career and strongly recommend Michael, his product, and his customer service. It is simply second to none.

Please take time to visit http://www.rathtrombones.com 

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