I'm very happy to offer a fully mobile CD production service including recording, editing, mixing and mastering. This service is specifically aimed towards students and schools who wish to record live concerts, recitals, solo performances and GCSE, AS or A level recitals for sumission to exam boards.
My recording equipment is constantly updated but I currently use AKG large diaphragm condenser mics for vocals and instrumental tracks, put through a 16 track audio interface and into Logic Pro X. The recordings are then edited, mixed and mastered to produce a final master CD.
An example of one of my recent sessions is opposite. Please feel free to grab some headphones and have a close listen to Shannon O'Donnell in her EP 'Alone'.
If you are interested in producing a recording of your students, band or choir and would like a detailed quotation please do not hesitate to drop me a line on
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